Looking to the future, our team can help your business utilise software to issue electronic payslips, vouchers and reports to save you time and effort. We can assist with the processing of your payroll and CIS returns adhering to RTI regulations, alleviating your administrative burdens and advise you on any tax payable and the due dates

We can also assist with auto-enrolment of workplace pensions and ensure your business is compliant with pension regulations.

Your limited company is required to file and pay any tax due within 9 months of the company’s accounting year end date.

We offer a high quality and cost effective service. Not only will we prepare and submit the return and computation, but we will also review the accounts and carry out tax planning to ensure you are not paying too much tax.

There are generous reliefs available to reduce the burden of tax where businesses have invested in new and innovative ideas for their products and services.

It is a technical area with HMRC becoming more stringent on the claims, so it is imperative that you have a solid case with a good R&D report to substantiate the claim. We can undertake this for you at a competitive rate.

Legislation regarding VAT can be very complicated and changes regularly. Failure to comply with the legislation and mistakes can lead to tax investigations.

We can provide support at cost effective prices to specific queries you may have to ensure you are compliant with VAT legislation.

We can assist with VAT registration, provide advice on VAT planning and the most appropriate scheme to use as well as preparing, reconciling and submitting your VAT returns.

Allazo Accounting and Consultancy can contribute to strategic planning, internal systems review, corporate restructure, acquisitions and many more areas to improve efficiency, productivity and turnover, all with the aim to make you more profitable.