About Us

Allazo was founded on a number of core principals which centre around our clients.



Our team focus on our clients needs

Allazo comprises a small team of professionals who have the same beliefs and commitments of the company. We offer flexibility in our approach to the services we provide to our clients and can be more adaptive and proactive than larger practices with rigid structures.  Our team focus on our clients needs and build strong working relationships in order to provide the highest level of service we can.



We encourage our clients to talk to us

We encourage clients to talk to us so we can be a part of decision making early in the process, we do not charge for adhoc advice and will always quote in advance of undertaking chargeable work.

We strongly believe in being honest, transparent and fair with our pricing.



We are proactive and offer help when needed most

By working closely with our clients and being a part of the business decisions we can be pro active and help clients when they need it most, whether it be through general business consultancy, specific planning or simply a sounding board.



We invest in our people

Allazo is regulated by The Association Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and is registered as auditors in the United Kingdom by ACCA. We follow ACCA guidance and regulations in order to provide a professional service and assurance to our clients over the quality of service.

We invest in our people with study and training programmes to ensure we are up to date with the ever-changing world of tax, accounts and audit.