We help individuals, families, business owners and company directors to meet their tax obligations and increase tax efficiency

Self-Assessment Tax

If you are a company director, self-employed, a trustee or higher rate tax payer you are likely to be required to submit annual tax returns.  HMRC has recently imposed a new stringent regime of penalties for late submission and payment of tax; therefore it is even more important for you to be on top of your tax affairs.

We will assist with the preparation of your tax return and associated tax planning and will liaise with HMRC on your behalf.  We aim to advise you of any tax liabilities as early as possible and of course try to reduce the tax liability for you.


Trusts have been used to protect assets and wealth for many years.  Recent tax legislation has been tightened to minimise the original tax benefits of trusts.

There are various types of trusts and the legal and tax regulations are very complicated.

We can assist with the preparing the accounts and annual returns as well as outlining the tax implications.

Tax Advice

If you are seeking particular advice or general planning we can provide assistance, see the taxation section for further details.

Please contact us for further details or bespoke prices